What is the turnaround time for receiving an order?  We are custom cut and production requires a 2-3 week turnaround before shipping and depends on the size of the order.

What if I see a fabric I like on a particular product and it is not listed as a choice for ordering?  Many of our styles are only shown "as is"  in the photo. When ordering if there is no choice of fabric selections then it will arrive in the fabric shown.

Can I order a different size if not listed for a style? No, due to the design we can not offer the style in sizes not listed.  Not all designs for preemie work well or translate to our larger sizes.

Do you offer drop shipping? Not usually due to the custom nature of the line. We can drop ship orders to another address, but they will be billed and charged to you before shipping. The 2-3 week turnaround may also apply depending on the item(s).

Do you private label? Yes. we offer this service. You can either provide size appropriate logo labels for us to insert or we can have them created for you if you supply the logo.  A nominal flat fee of $10 per order is charged for this service.